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Rated 5/5 based on 99 customer reviews
" I was very pleased with my progress at Ripple physical therapy. Melissa, my physical therapist, was absolutely perfect. I started out with moderate neck pain due to arthritis, and through a series of exercises, neck manipulations, and gentle massage, she worked out all my kinks! I had eight sessions and was able to “graduate” as I now have the skills to maintain better posture and perform my own exercises as needed throughout the week. Following her advice was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. "
May 14, 2019
"Melissa fixed me in just a few sessions. Very professional, personal service. I particularly like the custom exercises that I can access online, and track myself. Melissa was patient and clear."
May 03, 2019
"I am an avid cyclist. I rode 7,500 miles in 2017 and 7,000 miles in 2018. I had been experiencing some slight pain in my left knee throughout the fall. By the time I started physical therapy in early January 2019, I could only do short bike rides and could not walk any significant distances without experiencing discomfort in my left leg, for example, I could not go grocery shopping without discomfort. My goal for my physical therapy was to be able to cycle, walk and hike without pain. By the middle of March, I was able bike over 50 miles and hike over 4 miles without pain. My wife and I are back to enjoying walks together and I can go grocery shopping without pain. Melissa was a wonderful physical therapist. She understood my goals and worked with me to meet the goals. Melissa always had a smile on her face as she gave me new exercises to move my recovery along and used the right combination of challenging and maintaining exercises to continuing my rehabilitation. Emily was quick to schedule appointments that were convenient to me and kept me informed if the schedule changed and always reminded me about my upcoming appointments and whether they were in the pool or not. The StriveHub Portal was a great communications tool. The video of the exercises helped me to remember how to do the exercises. The message function in the Portal facilitated communications with my physical therapist. My time in the pool was a great addition to the physical therapy program. Waling and running in the pool, allowed me to relearn how to walk and run without a limp. "
Apr 15, 2019
"I greatly enjoyed working with Physical Therapist Melissa. Melissa worked me hard & I have gained a lot of confidence. I will continue to work with what she has taught me & will also go to Terrapin & work on the machinery. I am the happiest I have been in at least a year."
Apr 12, 2019
"I'm so grateful for the physical therapy I received at Terrapin for my sore knee. My knee had been sore for a long time (2 years), and it was slowly getting worse. What had first just manifested at more extreame range-of-motion positions in yoga had become pretty constant, even when simply walking. Being 66, I was worried that this was a permanent development, a marker of aging. Melissa right away gave me a whole different perspective on this: instead of some intrinsic knee injury or deterioration, the knee area was being overstressed from the under-use of muscles farther up my leg, most noticabley, my glutes. The excercises she prescribed first isolated this glute weakness, and then strengthened that area, and I was amazed to slowly find the knee soreness abating. I realized that Melissa was spot on: this soreness stemmed from some deep-seated (no pun intended) and long-standing erroneous habits on my part, and I've been directing my new-found muscle awareness to change those habits every day. Glutes, glutes, glutes: not rigid-tight, but use them! Getting out of a chair! Sitting down, standing, and walking! (And no more constant leg-crossing when sitting, nor hip-slouching when standing...). I still take it easy on some of the "end-of-range" extremes of certain yoga poses, however I am so grateful for what I have gained: no pain in my daily activities, including recently doing hours and hours of Spring weeding, lots of knee activity there. I'm so grateful not to have my knee ache at night, in bed, and to wake up pain free! And, I'm so grateful to have the generous collection of exercises that Melissa prescribed; there is enough variety and challenge to keep me engaged with them, as they are key in continuing to strengthen and reinforce good muscle habits. Finally, I found the Terrapin office to be very welcoming: it is a pleasant space, and runs "on time". The equipment is well-maintained, and all the staff are friendly--Emily at the front desk always was helpful, from cheerful greetings to answers about insurance questions or keeping my appointments in order."
Apr 10, 2019
"I'm so pleased and excited to finish my PT sessions as I leave w/great confidence after the excellent care & direction I received from Michael! My congratulations to such a wonderful facility w/incredible staff, so very polite and concerned w/your progress. Everyone that participated in my care was so engaged and attentive. I can't say enough as they delivered excellent patient care. Once again thank you especially Michael, who worked extra hard and spent so much time w/me. "
Mar 23, 2019
"Thank you for having such good people on your staff. Seven years ago, I had a knee replacement on my right knee. My recovery was not that good and took a long time. When I had my left knee replaced, I came to Terrapin Physical Therapy and my recovery was so good. The care and treatment I got was just perfect. I will always talk highly to everyone about your physical therapy and recommend you."
Nov 14, 2018
"After surgery on my knee, I saw Tony P. for PT. Everyone at this facility was professional and made me feel very comfortable. The therapy worked wonders and I was released early. Since physical therapy, I no longer have pain and I can enjoy my normal activities. Tony, you and your staff were great, thank you so much!"
Oct 26, 2018
"Had shoulder pain for years related to an old injury. Nathan helped rid me of that. I highly recommend Ripple Physical Therapy and Nathan."
Jan 29, 2018
"Great experience at Ripple Physical Therapy. Staff were very friendly and Nathan was excellent. If I ever need therapy again, I wouldn't hesitate to come back or recommend it to anyone. Facility is very clean and I especially liked the water therapy. Thank you for getting me back to full range of motion after knee replacement surgery."
Dec 28, 2017
"How I love Ripple Therapy. The place is beautiful with gorgeous art work so when you walk in the whole atmosphere is tasteful, clean and serene. I lucked out and got Nathan and highly recommend him. He assessed my hip and knee problems and then got to work with exercises and a program to get me up and going again. He is so nice and knowledgable and fun he made exercising enjoyable. He is very engaging and kept it interesting, never boring. I did a variety of floor exercises and stairs and different machines plus the wonderful hydrotherapy pool. I did my exercises on the off days and after a few weeks I could feel and see the difference. I am thrilled I can walk and go upstairs with no pain. The entire staff is friendly and supportive. Definitely 5 stars. "
Dec 22, 2017
"My experience at Ripple Physical Therapy was 5 star. The staff was professional and pleasant. Nathan, in particular, was outstanding. My treatments have reduced my pain and increased my strength. I have had other experiences in the past with physical therapy and Terrapin/Ripple has been the best by far."
Dec 06, 2017
"My physical therapy, which included both land and water treatments and exercise was exceptional, enabling my injury to mend and surrounding muscles to strengthen in an effort to preclude additional damage. The skill set on staff is excellent and the practice welcoming and supportive."
Oct 06, 2017
"Went in with three problems: shoulder, hip and back. Unable to run because oh hip and back pain, after two weeks of treatments I was able to jog for short distances pain free. After six weeks I am up to two miles 5 days a week and resumed my resistance training The great people at Ripple got me back in the game, I am a young 70 again."
Aug 23, 2017
"Very pleased with outcome.Leg is stronger and virtually pain-free. Nathan was outstanding. Will recommend Terrapin."
Aug 23, 2017
"Lisa and the rest of the staff at Terrapin were great. I took my therapy seriously and the plan Lisa laid out for me we well thought out. I "graduated" early from therapy due to hard work and being lucky enough to have a great therapist for my wrist issue."
Aug 19, 2017
"Post-Op PT- Just could not be better - Staff is very personable, knowledgeable, and very helpful-"
Aug 18, 2017
"As a diagnostician, Tony is the best I have ever experienced. His knowledge of the psychological and the physiological aspects of pain is certainly a powerful combination. I highly recommend him to anyone that has suffered an injury and wants to return to an active life."
Aug 11, 2017
"I have had a Birmingham hip resurfacing procedure done on both of my hips and can used Terrapin and Ripple Physical Therapy to assist in my recovery both times. The exercises I did in the water were extremely effective and quick at bringing me back to being able to walk comfortably and resume my physical exercise regimen. I was back to normal activity in a few weeks. In addition to their state-of-the-art facilities, the staff was courteous and helpful. I strongly recommend aqua-therapy to anyone who has recently undergone a knee or hip replacement or re-surfacing surgery."
Aug 08, 2017
"My experience here at Terrapin PT was unbelievably amazing. The people there really know how to treat a patient with care and makes your time there very warming. Tony being my therapist who is very knowledgeable helped me and taught me a lot on how to treat my injury, not only was he working on how to treat my injury while I was there but even on his off time he would look up exercises for me to do to make my shoulder stronger and healthier. Being senior baseball player in high school and needing to be out on the field as soon as possible Terrapin PT was able to reach and exceed that goal."
Jul 20, 2017
"At age 75 I had bilateral knee replacement, What a blessing that I chose Ripple Physical Therapy, Tony worked with me in the beginning then I was introduced to the Hydro-Worx and what a blessing that water therapy was. Prior to therapy stairs were a problem, I had good flexibility and balance but needed to learn to walk properly again. Katie and Tony worked with me in the water and every session was in improvement in my gait and abilities. 10 sessions of therapy and I graduated on day 47 post-surgery. Loved the experience of meeting the entire friendly, caring staff. Five Star experience."
Jul 07, 2017
"I was referred to PT for ulnar nerve problems. I came away much better. Tony, my therapist was able to mitigate my symptoms by manipulation and by providing a number of exercises that I can perform at home. My personalized exercise plan is available on line, a great feature. Tony, the other therapists, and the office staff (Heidi) were extremely helpful. If your doctor gives you a choice of physical therapists, I highly recommend Terrapin."
May 25, 2017
"great service"
May 09, 2017
"This was my first experience with Physical Therapy and I was not disappointed. I was seen for my first appointment quickly, and almost immediately pain that I had suffered with for years was diminishing, and within five weeks or so, the pain was completely gone. I can't say enough about the care I received at Terrapin. I was also educated along the way with what was going on and was given home exercises so my symptoms don't return. Along with the great care from Tri, the rest of the staff was always professional, courteous, and kind. The office itself is clean and inviting. Thank you!!"
Apr 03, 2017
Mar 16, 2017
"I had knee replacement on 9-9-16 with Dr.Carter the following week I was at terrapin working with Tony.My experience working with him was great I really enjoyed the exercises he taught me,which helped me recover faster and stronger.I would also like to thank Steve at the other facility he was great with his up beat attitude.I would highly recommend the water therapy it will get you back in shape so fast.Once again thank you Tony and Steve keep up the great work. A Perfect 10"
Feb 23, 2017
"This feedback is a long time coming, I have been to TerrapinPT, I think three or four times and just love this place. My therapists were Tony or Steve and I must say, they are both very kind and helpful and always made sure I was getting the right exercises. I have a problem with balance, an indoor pool helped my aches and pains. Heidi, I just love her, so sweet and friendly to me, gives me a hug, asks always how I am doing, I can't say enough how I appreciate Terrapin PT. Can't wait for the chance to go there again..."
Jan 26, 2017
"Best I ever experienced."
Dec 30, 2016
"I live in the Seaside Highlands. Following knee surgery, Tri guided me through 8 weeks of PT that resulted in my complete recovery. In a word, Tri was superb. He provided me a customized plan that really worked. His competence and personal care throughout the process really made the difference. You're the best Tri! Thank you!!! Additionally, the staff was top notch - always courteous and professional."
Sep 16, 2016
"Tony and his team were professional from day one. A challenging experience recovering from sports injury, they made the whole process bearable, were very understanding, taught me how to help myself, and each visit brought more confidence and really made a meaningful impact on my recovery. I would recommend to all my friends, family, and patients."
Jul 16, 2016
"Tony and all his staff are very knowledgable. My experience has been better than I ever imagined. And the pool with the treadmill is the best!"
May 16, 2016
"I had a great deal of pain in my shoulder and was having difficulty doing daily tasks such as washing my hair, pulling on clothes, etc. Tony was very patient, kind and instructive from the beginning and I learned many very useful exercises to help. I looked forward to my visits very much and enjoyed building some more strength in my shoulder. I also enjoyed the great shoulder icing at the end of sessions! My range of motion improved and I have remained pain free using the exercises and techniques and mindfulness Tony taught me. I would return in a heartbeat if I had a need."
May 16, 2016
"The entire staff is excellent. The quality of care and the facility is outstanding. I love the pool work and the LEAD program that is customized just for me. The most exciting benefit is getting out of pain, getting stronger and more functional for my daily activities."
May 13, 2016
"Tony and the whole crew does an amazing job and took me places I could never go with their exercise program for me. When I arrived there I couldn't barely walk down steps or jog in place. We got to our goal and now I can jog a little bit. I had bilateral patella tendon rupture so I had to learn how to walk again and now I'm on the road to running again. Aquatic therapy was the best thing for me and Tony and the team are the best in California!"
May 12, 2016
"I am truly amazed with Terrapin Physical Therapy. I was in tremendous pain before starting treatment here and was told by a doctor that I needed back surgery. After just a few weeks of therapy from Tony the pain is almost non-existent. I am an avid golfer and Tony has incorporated exercises in my routine that not only gets rid of the pain but also improves my golf swing. The staff is all so friendly and courteous. The pool therapy is fantastic! They have a treadmill in the pool with video cameras to monitor your progress. The equipment is all top notch. What a delightful experience!"
May 04, 2016
"The staff was most helpful, courteous and concerned of working better. It was a good experience, and I would use them again."
May 03, 2016
"My experience with Terrapin has been first rate in every way. Quality staff, excellent management, first rate therapy targeted to specific needs and flexible enough to respond to changing priorities. I highly recommend and hate to leave."
May 03, 2016
"Terrapin is the best physical therapy I have ever been to, including Chomp's PT. They incorporate massage exercises to do at home, and a variety of in home equipment to use. I have never been to a PT that uses massage as part of their therapy. It has been a wonderful experience for me."
Apr 28, 2016
"Very warm, professional environment. Lovely decor, soothing, wonderful and friendly front desk personnel. They even know your name! Heidi is amazing. Bryan, my physical therapist is turning of the downward slide of being a senior with pain, stiffness, and slumping into a healthy, more energy filled life, and giving the tools to carry on when therapy is over. Could go on and on about all the kindness and support they give me. Definitely a 5 star!"
Apr 22, 2016
"Brian started me with a few modified exercises, and light cardio, along with massage to get me started. I have improved with each session. To the point where my Primary Physician, my Husband, even my Neighbors have said "wow" what a difference in the way you are walking! Two people told me that they see the difference in my smile. My pain levels are down, my flexibility is up, and Brian keeps increasing my treatment. It really is between how much I put in between appointments. Terrapin PT has taught me a lot on how to keep it going. They work with you and not force you beyond your ability."
Apr 20, 2016
"When my doctor asked me where I would like to go for therapy there was only one place that came to mind, Terrapin Physical Therapy. I previously had the pleasure to experience their services for a previous unrelated treatment and as before I was very pleased of the outcome. Terrapin is not only very knowledgeable about how to treat you physically, but you leave feeling that you have made significant progress and treated respectively by all the staff members. Thumbs up for excellency and professional service."
Apr 20, 2016
"Caring Professionals. Good Facilities."
Apr 14, 2016
"All staff members have been supportive, the therapy has adjusted to meet my changing needs and my progress has been excellent."
Apr 13, 2016
"The level of care, attention and professionalism is unparalleled. Patient centric care in evident from the first visit."
Apr 11, 2016
"I recommend to all my friends and family. The best five stars! Thank you for all!!!"
Apr 11, 2016
"The care I received from Brian has been top-notch."
Apr 11, 2016
"Excellent, friendly staff, thorough evaluations of progress. Physical therapists are excellent especially Steve and Tony who i've seen. Call procedures for openings are greatly appreciated. Love the pool!"
Apr 11, 2016
"If we recommend a physical therapist place this will be the one! You are one of the two best places in all California as we know! You deserve five stars!"
Apr 11, 2016
"After many associations of years, Terrapin is without doubt the most able, professional and effective P.T. experience I have endured."
Apr 11, 2016
"After losing a bicycle vs car accident I have been fortunate to be under the care of Terrapin with Tony and Steve leading my rehab. Both pre and post surgery PT has been extremely professional in a very comfortable environment! The treadmill and water therapy is amazing!"
Apr 08, 2016
"I am currently doing an internship at Terrapin Physical Therapy and I absolutely love it. The staff is very kind and incredibly knowledgeable and the clinic is amazing. I have learned so much from the staff and am so grateful that I was allowed the opportunity to internship here. I would recommend them to anyone in the area that needs physical therapy for any injury."
Apr 08, 2016
"I have experienced 4 different PT groups in the last 2 years. Of them all, Terrapin shines the brightest. Most therapists will know the prescribed routine to follow for the usual problems. Terrapin is personalized, connecting with the client/patient, supporting, encouraging - sincerely cheering each one on to their greatest potential. That encouragement makes all the difference in the world. I'm grateful both Tony & Steve came into my life - things have changed for the better. The whole staff at Terrapin, to a person, is caring, professional, and encouraging."
Feb 09, 2016
"I've had experiences in different clinics and when I find a good one I like to let people know about it. My opinion of a good clinic has these qualities: - Friendly Staff - Knowledgeable Therapists - Clean and presentable - Wide variety of treatment options - Professionalism - Good Parking - You can feel that each person there is 100% behind you in your recovery You get reminder text messages for your appointments. Setting up appointments are simple. They even treat on weekends (which is a definite plus!) Cons: - No cannonballs allowed in the pool. Would I go back? Yup!"
Apr 14, 2015
"Paul has been outstanding, a great clinician! A great listener and a superb observer of my symptoms. Works with outstanding professionalism. And takes the time to truly evaluate the injury establish a course of treatment and if necessary modify as the symptoms improved or worsens. all the therapist. that I have encountered as well as the The assistance and front office staff have been outstanding. Thank you!"
Mar 23, 2015
"While Tony was my main therapist, I also had weekly aqua therapy sessions with Steve, and also benefitted from other sessions with Paul and Jennefer and Katie. I had been suffering from a poor recovery from a total knee replacement, and frankly was despondent about ever recovering fully when I was referred to Terrapin by a physiatrist. I COULD NOT HAVE RECEIVED BETTER PHYSICAL THERAPY, and can hardly express my gratitude to the Terrapin team for the help, and the hope, which they gave me. They are knowledgeable, extremely courteous and respectful, and highly motivated to help people recover!"
Mar 18, 2015
"Best P T I have ever had!"
Dec 20, 2014
"Terrapin was a fantastic experience in every way possible. The environment is welcoming and the staff is pleasant. As soon as I walked in the door Abby offered me water and learned my name upon our first meeting. Always friendly and kind. Seri, my primary therapist is easy on the eyes and more importantly is an excellent doctor. She knows what she is doing and is not afraid to push you to near perfection for your health. Stephen was just as amazing in his own way. Also a great doctor, often we would have a pleasant chat about almost anything! I couldn't recommended Terrapin more!"
Dec 10, 2014
"I was very impressed and pleased with my experience at Terrapin PT. My wonderful therapists were knowledgable and educated me about what was going on anatomically to cause my problem. Importantly, they gave me concrete tools to prevent discomfort in the future. The explanations about this as well as the rationale for each treatment were very clear, and I could see results right away. The atmosphere was friendly and welcoming, and all staff members were warm and considerate, taking time to greet me by name even if they were not directly involved in my care. A very positive experience!"
Dec 02, 2014
"I have been treated at Terrapin for three separate physical problems over the last three years. Each time my therapist was caring, thorough and fun to work with. The environment is very pleasant and the equipment is top-notch. The front-office staff is unusually polite and friendly. I really have nothing bad to say about Terrapin."
Nov 28, 2014
"I have been a clinical student at Terrapin for the past 3 months and it has been a wonderful experience. All of the therapists have helped me develop my skills as a PT and are always willing to answer any question I have. Terrapin is a definitely a place that I would send my family and friends!"
Nov 19, 2014
"My experience has been great. I've learned a lot from everyone I've come in contact with. Thank you all the way from the front door to the pool."
Nov 19, 2014
"Terrapin is the place to go for physical therapy--the facility is clean and modern (my favorite part is the pool), the staff is knowledgable and attentive, and the treatment is really effective. I originally came to physical therapy at my Mom's request for my lower back pain and saw it as something to dread, but now it's something that I look forward to during the week. I come back not only because it makes my back feel better, but because I have fun."
Nov 18, 2014
"Terrapin PT has a great atmosphere for any patient that is looking to get better. They are friendly and knowledgeable which is the perfect combination for someone looking to rehab after surgery or just looking to improve their physical quality of life. The facility is very well maintained, the machines work well and the pool workouts are awesome. I would highly recommend Terrapin PT for people of any age and physical ability."
Nov 17, 2014
"I've been attending Terrapin for approximately 2 months now and it's been an excellent experience. As a military member, my schedule is not fixed; there are seldom unexpected events and situations with Soldiers and their families . The staff at Terrapin always work with me to adjust my appointments. Also, Jennifer is very professional when comes to dealing with me. She answers all my questions and she is always prepared with the specific exercises that I need to recover. I am always please with the service at Terrapin"
Nov 15, 2014
"Tony was great. Had a billing issue with blue cross. Heidi the office manager was on it . She's awesome, can't thank her enough for fixing our insurance issues. Highly recommend Terrapin. Thanks L"
Nov 13, 2014
"Best Ever!!!"
Nov 13, 2014
"He's the most caring guy I've ever had the privilege of knowing!Great office"
Nov 13, 2014
"He's one the best therapist I have ever know. Great job rehabing me"
Nov 13, 2014
"I am impressed with the commitment to excellence from the physical therapy staff at Terrapin PT. In my experience, Tony, Steve, Jenny and Seri all provide the highest level of compassionate care to their patients and I am sure the same is true for the other staff. It is evident by the passion for seeking out the most effective and cutting edge treatment techniques that the PT staff at Terrapin are excellent clinicians. By choosing to receive your care at Terrapin, you will work with outstanding orthopedic specialists who truly want to help you reach your goals."
Nov 13, 2014
"I limped in and was running only after 3 weeks. What a outstanding therapist. Way to go Jenny."
Nov 13, 2014
"Steve worked wonders for my back and legs in the pool. That pool is the best thing I could have done. Back to normal now. Thank you Steve"
Nov 13, 2014
"The "very professional" Terrapin physical therapists have exceeded my expectations in helping me recover from a collapsed arch and rebuild my overall body strength. Their expertise and genuine concern have encouraged me and have led me to believe that if I build the exercises they've taught me into my daily routine I can live a life of overall fitness and mobility. I am highly satisfied with the recovery they've provide me and am truly grateful for their professionalism and compassionate nature. They are an A+ team"
Nov 12, 2014
"The staff at Terrapin PT are incredible. Tony has shown me how to regain my strength and reduce my pain through massage and exercise. My goal was to get strong enough to walk my dog and he has brought me far beyond that. Now I am even swimming! I highly recommend Terrapin Physical Therapy."
Nov 12, 2014
"I've had a lot of experience with physical therapy, having had three knee surgeries and a frozen shoulder. My experience with Terrapin is unique in that I actually look forward to my visits and working out on the underwater treadmill. I knew that used this therapy on valuable horses, but had no idea it was available for humans. Thank you Terrapin!"
Nov 12, 2014
"great initial and 2nd appointment--everyone treats you great--the pool is fantastic"
Nov 11, 2014
"Terrapin Physical Therapy was recommended to me by a group of prominent orthopedists in the Bay Area. I have had such wonderful results with Tony Pazzaglia, the owner/physical therapist. He and his staff are caring, kind, attentive, knowledgeable and highly skilled. They truly care that you heal and return to a normal life. Tony has worked his magic for me through many and varied injuries. I am so grateful. In addition, their facility is a clean, comfortable and happy place. Five stars and thumbs up to you."
Nov 06, 2014
"Terrapin Physical Therapy was recommended to me by a group of prominent orthopedists in the Bay Area. I have had such wonderful results with Tony Pazzaglia, the owner/physical therapist. He and his staff are caring, kind, attentive, knowledgeable and highly skilled. Tony truly cares that you heal and return to your normal life. He has worked his magic for me through many and varied injuries. I am so grateful. In addition, their facility is a clean, comfortable and happy place. Five stars and thumbs up to you."
Nov 06, 2014
"I was highly recommended by a friend. I am so glad to go to this group. They are professional, excellent at what they do. The therapy pool is amazing. I would recommend them to anyone needing physical therapy."
Nov 05, 2014
"The staff is concerned not only for my health but with my needs and answering happily to my questions. Especially the three therapists I worked with, and including Vanessa the receptionist. They were all professional and kind."
Nov 05, 2014
"Jennifer was the best PT I have ever imagined. Her knowledge, attitude, and skills were exceptional. She had me back golfing within 3 months. She should get a huge bonus and raise in base pay. Thanks."
Nov 03, 2014
"I had a great experience with jenny as a patient. She is extremely intelligent and knowledgeable about her craft. I will highly recommend her to anyone."
Oct 30, 2014
"I am a student at CSUMB that completed a 5-week service learning term here at Terrapin. My experience here was wonderful. Not only is the facility well-kept the staff is very kind. The overall environment here is very welcoming which makes patient treatment exciting. The doctors here are professional and have incredible partnership between them that makes the day fluid. I learned so much being here and Steve was so helpful in explaining everything. I would highly recommend this facility for anyone looking for an incredible experience and/or excellent treatment."
Oct 28, 2014
"It's was and is great! I love it here! The first time I was here I broke my ankle and because I missed them so much, I tore my ACL."
Oct 23, 2014
"The therapy pool with treadmill underwater and jet massage made my knees feel so much better. The aquatic therapy helped speed my recovery!! I was able to return to walking and traveling without pain and limitations. I really appreciated the help from all the therapist; they were all very good and professional."
Oct 23, 2014
"Patients are guaranteed to be in good hands! It's a beautiful facility that provides top notch care and an environment which encourages teamwork and fosters learning. I look back on my time working there fondly and know they will have continued success!"
Oct 20, 2014
"in the past i've been to at least 6 PT places and Terrapin is by far the most complete program, swell as a wonderful staff. They are encouraging but not pushy. They have the knowledge to handle any situation, of which I have several annd they have addressed each one with honesty and realistic choices for improvement. I would not have the quality of life I do. I am so grateful for Terrapin!"
Oct 15, 2014
"Tony is very caring, knowledgeable, and thorough. I have been to several therapists and he is simply THE BEST!"
Oct 10, 2014
"Terrapin did an excellent job of guiding my recovery progression. They helped me understand the importance of using good form and proper posture to reduce the stress on my shoulders."
Oct 08, 2014
"What a delightful place! I look forward to going to my sessions even though they are hard and somewhat exhausting. My improvement has been astounding: I feel so much better and I know I am on the right track. Even others have noticed and commented on how much better I move. I owe it all to Terrapin. And everyone is so friendly and helpful. I recommend Terrapin to everyone I talk to. Thank you!"
Oct 08, 2014
"My overall experience with all of the Staff members was positive and I physically improved with each session recovering from double knee replacements with alternating pool and water exercises to the degree that I was able to travel to London & Italy for two weeks. 5 stars"
Oct 07, 2014
"All the physical therapists and aides are friendly, compassionate,knowledgable,and their methods of therapy really are very helpful. The therapy pool with the treadmill saved my mobility. I think this facility is the best Northern California has to offer. My experience here was so wonderful and helpful that I am still coming 3 times a week going in my third year here! I have even convinced family members as well as friends to come to Terrapin PT because of my excellent results,better health, and improved quality of life! I cannot say enough good things about my experience here! I had a double knee replacement 1 year ago and my rehab here couldn't be better! I rarely exercised before I started coming here. Now I am hooked and workout 3 times a week! If you are looking for the best, Terrapin Physical Therapy is the place!"
Oct 07, 2014
"My treatment was excellent and the staff was very professional. Their explanations of the exercise plan was thorough and they provided excellent follow-up. I would recommend them to anyone needing this service."
Oct 05, 2014
"Over the past ten or more years I have received physical therapy at many clinics in the Salinas/Monterey area. By far Terrapin offers the most competent staff of them all. On top of that, the administrative staff is always cheerful and quite helpful, especially in meeting my scheduling needs. Keep up the good work!"
Oct 02, 2014
"I received excellent care at Terrapin. I had been to previous PT clinic for my ailment and they were unsuccessful in helping me. Tony was able to help me tremendously. I was able to run again without pain. I have since continued to live a pain free active lifestyle."
Oct 02, 2014
"Thank you for your attentiveness to me and your personalized program to my progress. All members of the team were professional and excellent! I have already recommended terrapin PT 😊"
Oct 01, 2014
"Kind, caring, professional and very helpful staff. Jennifer, Katie and Steve helped me recover remarkably well. Each taught me valuable ways to promote my return to normal. I will highly recommend them to anyone I know needing physical therapy. I know I would not be doing this well without the benefit of their help!"
Sep 30, 2014
"N/a, N/a"
Sep 24, 2014
"The environment here at Terrapin PT is very inviting and I felt welcomed just as other patients do. I did service learning and my experience was exciting. I had the chance to observe many different exercises that patients do as part of their therapy as well as assist the doctor with setting up and cleaning the table."
Sep 23, 2014
"Tony is a great therapist and very progressive and forward thinking about physical therapy."
Sep 22, 2014