Balance & Fall Prevention

  • Balance

    Physical Therapists are experts in the art and science of the evaluation and treatment of human movement and balance dysfunctions. We care for a variety of muscle, joint, and nervous system disorders that can affect your balance.

    Don’t ignore the Facts:

    • One of every three persons age 65 and older falls each year.
    • Falls are the leading cause of injury and accidental death in those over the age of 85.
    • In 2005, 15,800 people 65 and older died from injuries related to unintentional falls.
    • About 1.8 million people 65 and older were treated in ERs for injuries sustained from falls (CDC 2008).

    Risk factors associated with falls:

    • Older Age
    • Vision Problems
    • Muscle Weakness
    • Medications (being on 4 or more)
    • A History of Falls
    • Medical Conditions (such as diabetes, arthritis, stroke, walking problems, fear of falling)

    Your Physical Therapist will assess:

    • Your Fall Risk
    • Your Strength
    • Your Balance
    • Your Medical History

    * Cited from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2008

    Common Diagnoses We Work With Include:

    • Central Nervous System Disorders
    • Neuropathy
    • Age-Related Balance Dysfunction
    • Oculomotor (Visual) Dysfunction
    • Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV)
    • Labyrinthitis
    • Ménière's Disease
    • Vestibular Neuronitis
    • Muscle Atrophy
    • Nerve Injuries

    Treatment for Balance Disorders

    There are more than a dozen causes of dizziness and many reasons why you might have difficulty with your balance.

    Treatment of balance & dizziness disorders can be very complex. Nevertheless, we have helped numerous residents in the community cope with or recover from conditions that cause balance disorders.

    The first thing your doctor will do if you have a balance problem is to determine if another health condition or a medication is to blame. If so, your doctor will treat the condition, suggest a different medication, or in many cases, refer you to one of our balance disorder experts here at Terrapin Physical Therapy.

    Education is Therapy

    The most important part of treating a balance disorder is understanding your diagnosis, the cause of the problem, and how to manage it. That's why we place great emphasis on patient education and coordination of care with your referring physician.

    Positional Vertigo - A Common Cause of Dizziness & Balance Disorders

    If you have BPPV (benign paroxysmal positional vertigo), our vestibular therapy experts can perform a series of simple movements, such as the Epley maneuver, which can help dislodge the otoconia (calcium crystals) from the semicircular canal of the ear. In many cases, one session works; other people need the procedure several times to relieve their dizziness.

    We Can Help You Cope With Your Condition

    The physical therapists at Terrapin Physical Therapy can also help increase your strength and coordination to help lower your risk of falling and getting hurt during daily activities, such as when you walk up or downstairs, use the bathroom, or exercise.

    Some people with a balance disorder will need the help of our vestibular rehabilitation therapists to cope with their problems. In each case, we will conduct a personalized evaluation of your condition and then we will develop an individualized treatment plan.

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  • Fall Prevention

    Don’t let a fear of falling keep you from being active.

    The good news is that there clinically proven ways to prevent most falls and we can help.

    A collaborative effort between your doctor and our physical therapy team can make a difference.

    It Starts with a Thorough Evaluation

    Physical therapy starts with a thorough evaluation of your health & fall risk factors. We will then set up on on a personalized prevention program to address the findings we identify during your initial visit.

    Evaluation and Treatment May Involve One or More of the Following:

    • Strength testing
    • Flexibility testing
    • Walking (gait) patterns
    • Your health history
    • Sight and hearing screenings
    • Blood pressure
    • Assistive/adaptive device use & education
    • Footwear recommendations
    • Review of your medications & side effects along with your physician
    • Strength training
    • Balance training
    • Flexibility exercises
    • Visual exercises
    • Functional exercises
    • Weight-bearing exercises
    • Sleep hygiene
    • Risk reduction/modification education
    • A personalized home program

    Everyone is different so treatment programs will vary. The best thing you can do is contact our office and schedule an initial evaluation for balance treatment & our fall prevention program. In most cases, insurance will cover it.

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