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Tony is a prior marathon runner and was able to not only fix my injuries, but improved my running form to get me a new PR, and six months later I still run and feel great.

I injured myself running the 2016 Big Sur Marathon. I tried to improve my running form, using new shoes, running on dirt more instead of pavement, and none of it worked. I decided to finally go to the doctor and get a prescription for physical therapy to Terrapin and within my first few visits there was major improvement. Tony was my main physical therapist. He’s run a few marathons himself and is very knowledgeable in running physical therapy. The pool treadmill was decidedly essential to my improvement also. Tony was great at pushing me while staying in my comfort zone, and getting the most improvement out of my sessions. He also introduced me to the galloway method and I used some of that in my future running.

I ran the 2017 Big Sur Marathon and was able to improve my time and feel even better at the end then I did the year before. It’s been three months since and I’m still running great thanks to my time at Terrapin.

Also, the front desk and Tony’s fellow therapists and assistants were all great too.

Isaac H.